George in Cat
Kate's apartment

So I get to play the ‘monster’ again. It’s fun I and get to do some spying. Then my character returns to where the others are waiting.

“Here you go.”

We all look at the sketched floor plans.

“Why is there nothing here?”

“I couldn’t get through the door. There is a bar across it on the other side.”

Nick says, “Hmmm… It would be loud, but…”

Nicole rolls her eyes. “The famous barbarian spell Transmute Door to Firewood. Material component, one battleaxe.”

“Yes, that one.”

I look at Nicole. “We could probably make a distraction.”

“No, let me make a distraction while you walk around like normal. Then they won’t know we’re not where we’re supposed to be.”


Famous last words.

Kate tells me several times I hear stuff in the shadows and I try to stick to the light, but they do catch up with me. She describes the mob and then switches to what Nick and Nicole are doing.

They go through with their plan until they hear two of the guards discussing that they’d rather have been part of the mob sent after me than guard a gate.

And so I get treated to a thrilling description of Nick on his horse plunging through the crowd and pulling me up.

I drop out of character for a moment to say, “That was so cool!”

Nick grins. “Maybe I should sell rescue subscriptions.”

Nicole says, “You’d make a killing.”

Nick and I facepalm.

“Anyhow,” says Nick, “As soon as we’re out of earshot of the crowd, I’m telling you, ‘We’re even now!’ ”

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“I couldn’t get through the door. There a bar across it on the other side.”

- Missing an "is:" There's a bar across it...
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