Jones Tower, 3 P.M.

I get back into my room and dump the clothes on the chair. Now that I don’t have to worry about people seeing weird things, I’m going to have some fun with this.

I stand in front of the mirror and start playing with the shape and color of the clothing. Pants, skirts, leggings, blouses, T-shirts, crop-tops, running shoes, heels, boots. Wow. I try a few things that I’d never wear outside and would be far too embarrassed to buy. The more blatant stuff I don’t like, but some of the things where you’re not quite sure how much you’re seeing are… nice, I guess. When you wear them for the right person.

Speaking of, I told Kate I’d call her, so we could grade tests. I should do that instead of spending the whole afternoon going ‘Mirror, mirror, on the wall’. I do want to show her, though. So what to wear? It would have to be something I obviously didn’t have hanging around in my closet. Hm.

I remember a dress I saw at some steam punk event. Black, long, layered with ruffles at the bottom of each layer, see through from halfway below the knees to the ankles, black high shoes, a wide black leather belt, varying from as wide as my hand is long on the left to my hand’s width on the right. Sleeveless, with a few fluffs over the shoulders. It folded across the breasts

Yes! Like that. I don’t have the sultry look the girl wearing it back then had down to perfection, but it’ll work. Except I think the top could do with folding a little higher and a little tighter. Yes, better. Now it doesn’t have that ‘You know I can’t possibly be wearing a bra under this’ look.

Except if she touches you, she’s going to see right through it.

I turn red as a beet while the top of the dress becomes see through and the skirt gets a split running up to the belt.

Whoops. Better be careful with that. I adjust things back the way I want them. So, what do I do?

Who said you have to be naked underneath? That’s Si’s game.

Oh, facepalm! Right. I rummage in the drawer and pull out a bikini. I nearly cancel the glamor, then realize that’s not needed. I put the bikini on right through the dress. That’s weird to do, but kind of fun. Alright, call Kate.


“Hi Kate, it’s Cat. We were planning on ignoring each other together today.”

“Right. You want me to hop on over?”

“Nah. I need to get out some. I’ll take the bus up to your place.”

“OK. I’ll see you in half an hour or so?”

“Probably, unless I get lucky with the bus.”

“See you then.”


I put the exam papers, the grading guide and the report sheet in a bag, then stand there for a moment. This is not an outfit for carrying a plastic bag. I look at it and change it to look like black purse with a little steam locomotive as the clasp. That fits the theme.

Time to walk out.

I stand out a lot in this dress and there’s a lot of attention. A guy at the bus stop wants to know where the party is. “I’m sorry, it’s private”, I tell him.

“You could bring me as your date.”

“No, I can’t. I already have a date.”

That’s when the bus arrives and we get on. I catch myself looking for tusks on the driver, but she doesn’t have any.

It’s not that far and most people seem to be headed to the mall further up, so we make few stops and get to Kate’s place quickly. As I’m getting off the bus, an elderly lady tells me, “You have a nice evening now, dear.”

“Thanks, I will.”

It’s about five minutes from the bus stop to Kate’s apartment. I ring the doorbell.

“Oh, my God, Cat! Where did that come from?”

“You like it?”

“It’s beautiful! But come on in. Let’s try not to A/C the neighborhood.”

I get in and she walks around me. “That’s really nice! You must have felt like splurging in a big way.”

“No, somebody taught me a trick. Touch me.”

She raises an eyebrow and then touches my shoulder, sliding her fingers down my arm. For about two inches. “It— It’s like what Mark and that Aelric guy were doing!”

“Yes. Si taught me this morning.”

“Oh, this I gotta hear!”

We sit down and I tell her the entire story, ending with, “So then I’m like, but if you touch me, you’ll see straight through it — and it took me several seconds to realize that Si might be wearing nothing under her glamors, but that didn’t mean I had to.”

She looks at me with a slight smile. “So how did you pick what to wear under it?”

“It has a pretty snug top, so I figured underwear or something, but that was still kind of weird, so I settled on a bikini.”

The smile gets bigger. “So this Aelric person wears a robe under a glamor of a suit and Mark wears a uniform with a jacket under a glamor of a T-shirt and jeans and you’re worried about your dress being snug?”


Kate puts a finger under my chin and gently pushes my jaw up. “It’s OK, you were clearly thinking about a lot of things and you missed one.”

“I still feel stupid.”

“You had fun for the whole day, how can that be stupid?”

I have to smile. “You’re right.”



“I said you would find a way through the barrier or some other cool thing.”

…Right! So, we are going in different directions then?”

“Looks like it. I have no idea what it means, though. Speaking off…” She touches my hand, “There has to be something up with this. If everybody who touches a person with a glamor sees through it, all those people on campus would have long since been unmasked.”

“I guess. It started when I really wanted to tell you about this stuff. Maybe that’s the difference?”

“Probably. But you should double-check that.”


“Anyhow, we should probably get grading.”

Chard's picture
“Yes. Si taught me this morning.”

Since Cat was just introduced to Si this morning, it seems odd that she would refer to Si by name with no preface on who she is.
Rob's picture
George met Si last Sunday and talked about it that night. So they both know they know.

But you are right, it is weird and I did wonder how someone might speak in such a situation.
Chard's picture
I think adding in a little bit of detail is fine. "Remember I was meeting Dell?" (If they talked about that, or if not, "Remember your Sex on the Beach student, section transfer so X [I am so bad with names] could date her? Well, I met her this morning.) "Your little sex kitten Si walked by and they knew each other. So I spent the morning with them and Si taught me a few things."

You haven't spelled out in the convo between George and Cat that Dell and Si are in the same group. You may have mentioned that in an earlier chapter but it's been long enough now that I've forgotten if the connection was made. So, this could create the foundation that Dell is part of something bigger since George knows Aelric is Si's guardian and know he finds out Dell and Si are well antiquated with each other. Or it can at least help generate a sense of a larger community.

Speaking of, wasn't Dell supposed to introduce Cat to more of her friends? Or was Dell referring to just Si during the invitation? I had the feeling that Cat was going to get introduced to a group of people, not just one more person.
Rob's picture
Oopsie. I just noticed what section this comment is under. Cat and George both know, but Kate didn't. So, you're entirely right, I need to have Cat introduce Si.

Your speaking of is also right -- that was the original plan, but when I got to the scene it seemed more natural to have a smaller crowd, so I guess I need to go back and fix the earlier bit.
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So, something like this?

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Oh, nice!

This is the picture I worked from:
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Platform shoes? Seriously? They just destroy the look.
Rob's picture
My thoughts exactly.

That's why the platform shoes didn't make it into the description