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Cat in George | Curl Drive, just outside Jones Tower

George in Cat | In the car

Cat in George | Kansas Flying Chicken restaurant

Cat in George | Midterm

  • Cat in George | Midterm   2 years 9 months ago
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    Missing word added.

    Yes, defiant is intentional. As you say, "TA told me I couldn't do it, but I got it anyway." And CiG is sincere. The reverse psychology wasn't intentional, but if it works, it works.

    As for why, I've observed that in such situations how what you say is received depends heavily on your gender and I wanted to play with that a little. So I guess from one point of view the idea is exactly in the slightly different forms CiG and GiC use.

Cat in George | Morning

  • Cat in George | Morning   2 years 9 months ago
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    It's not a story quote, it's a physics quote. A lot of physical systems have this property. (Think for example of the crystal structure being revealed when a mineral solidifies.)

George in Cat | Midterm

  • George in Cat | Midterm   2 years 9 months ago
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    I don't know. None of the students asking the question were in my sections, so I didn't grade those tests.
  • George in Cat | Midterm   2 years 9 months ago
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    Did any of them take the "Well, I may not get the 100% right answer but I can get the 98% right by showing the thought/math behind getting the answer? So... Assume 1 mi = 5000 feet (or something similar) and here is the conversion." ?
  • George in Cat | Midterm   2 years 9 months ago
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    That was Math 070, which I taught for a year. I saw that particular midterm six times (2 sections in each of fall, winter, spring quarter). It happened at least once during every one of those.I wasn't always the TA proctoring on that side of the room, so I didn't personally take all of those questions, but I was there when they were asked.

    The answer is easy to brute force, if you know the 5280 magic number (or the 1760 magic number, or...). If you don't know, you're stuck.

    The problems this came up with were problems of the variety, "You have a 1:50,000 map. A distance is 2 inches on the map. How far is it in the real world?"

George in Cat

  • George in Cat   2 years 9 months ago
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    Add "the" : "He takes my hand and we walk to the barrier."

    Add "to": "You’re going to have to be careful not flash to people if you make a habit of that.”

    Interesting finish. Usually you end this piece at the end of the night. But this doesn't feel like the night is over yet. It feels like there needs to be more said in George's room. And then George still has to get back to Cat's world. It will be interesting to see if he has to go back through the barrier or if he will just wake up back in the "right" [Cat's] world. Which brings up an idea. What would happen if Cat brings George back into George's original world (and it appears still in Cat's body) and then Cat goes back to her original world (in her body) and they go to sleep/pass out/wake up/whatever? What would happen? Oh, the story possibilities.

George in Cat | In the car

  • George in Cat | In the car   2 years 9 months ago
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    I'd recommend a change in the opening paragraph to avoid uncertainty:

    "Like last week, I end up as the last one in the car with her Kate after Nick and Nicole have been dropped off."

    “Kate to Cat?”
    The names still make smile. “Yes. Your turn.”

    "Names still make smile?" Is that a Dutchism? I'm not sure what you are trying to say.

    “What about you?”

    “I— Yes. Yes, I do. I—”

    Is this Kate asking Cat (Well, George really) if he has a crush on her? If not, this is really unclear. I have no idea what to even guess at for what is being asked here.

    Verb tense is a bit off here. Does this seem better?
    Damn. Why do I have to hurt you? “Diana made us try a scientific experiment.”
    She smiles. “I’ve got to hear this.”
    She had us sit down on a park bench and have him had Mark put his arm around me.”

    I really like this exchange. You have me rooting for George and Kate with it. I'm going, "Ah, Mark, who's Mark?"

    Yeah, triangles are hard. You would think that the person gets to choose the best of two options. But it's so different from trying to choose between two pairs of shoes or two cars or whatever. It's not a fun place to be. I'm really feeling ya, George.