Cat in George

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I’d gotten the sheets of the bed,

Should be "off the bed."

“I don’t know why I was so upset. I just was. It doesn’t make sense. I’ve had semen on my body. I’ve swallowed the stuff. It doesn’t make sense.”

This is a bit of a shocker. The first bit in today's chapter hinted to it but since the rest of the story doesn't really explore this part of sexuality it seems...out of place. I like Cat and George's reactions, though.

“Don;t worry about it. It worked out for the best.”

Should be "Don't"

“We had this whole discussion about what might have happened with you and somehow we ended up with her staying to watch over me.”

You're ending it there?!!!!?!?!!!????!!!

W! T! F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finally the "false outing" makes sense !!!

Boy, this was a fun, information-packed chapter