Cat  in George
Physics Building

We walk into the lab and are greeted with, “Hi Lena, I thought you’d be here this afternoon? Hi George.”

“Hi Steph. I got distracted.”

She giggles. “I can see that.”

I tell her, “I’m not just a pirate, I’m a self-propelled distraction.”

“Neat. But, can you undistract her long enough she can take a look at a really weird result?”

Lena asks, “I hope you haven’t been sitting here the whole afternoon?”

“I have, but I got the weirdness late. I figured I’d get dinner and see if anybody did show up for the evening shift.”

They start digging through the experiment that went funny and I get my exam papers out and start grading them.

When I get through the first pages, I get up and walk over to behind where Lena is sitting. “How are the mysteries?”

“Oh, that’s fixed. Now it’s just the boring runs.”

I put my arms around her and kiss the top of her head. “Boring?”