Cat  in George
Physics Building

She says, “All done!”

I nod, but don’t say anything as I’m adding up scores.

…and…93. That’s the last one. Done.”

“So, we go to Jones and then I take your key home?”

“That was the idea.”

“So I’ll get a good night’s sleep. Hm. I am tired, maybe it’ll even work.”

“You know curiosity killed the cat by stealing its nap, right?”

“Nice one! No I didn’t know that one. Sounds dead on.”

We walk back to Jones and get to my door. I ask her, “You want to come in for a moment, or are you tired?”

She smiles. “I’d better not. But now I’m going to end up at my door with no one to kiss me goodnight.”

I kiss her and she wraps her arms around me and whispers, “I will see you tomorrow.” Then she kisses me again.

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