Cat  in George
The Oval

“Should I say ‘hi’, or would that be interrupting?” It’s Charles.

Lena and I break off our kiss. I tell Charles, “Yes.”

“Alright, ‘Hi’. So, is this the girl who turned you into a pirate?”

“Yes, this is Lena. Lena, Charles.”

“Hi Charles. I am the dread pirate maker Lena.”

He laughs. “Good for you. Do you put them in glass bottles like ships?”

She giggles. “Not… usually.”

“So you just ship ’em?”

She puts an arm around me. “Or keep them.”

He smiles. “If you’re keeping him, remember to tell him that the accuracy code is working great. And now I’m off to a very late lunch.”

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To much shipping going on around here. ;)