Cat in George
Dreese Lab

I think they’re OK for tonight’s extra session. Just wait and see. Now I need to wait and see how Mark meeting Diana goes. Waiting, waiting. I wonder how long I can wait before the restless thing starts again. Or was that just coincidence and am I going to be surprised again? Or—

Forget it. Get out of the elevator and do useful work.

“Hi Charles!”

“Hi. So, who are you and what did you do to George?”

“What?! What do you mean? I’m– Really, I—”

“George? It’s a joke? An old, old joke? Need coffee?”

“Right. Joke.”

Oh my God! That was stupid! Of course it’s a joke. But why now?” “So what did I do?”

He holds up the paper with the accuracy stuff. “This. You always do this solid kind of math, but this, this is gorgeous. I have no idea yet how to apply it, but I love it.”

“Err, thanks? You want to look at how to turn this into programmable stuff together?”

“Sure. How about tomorrow? Then I can get rid of a bunch of stuff today and concentrate on implementing the accuracy stuff Thursday and Friday.”

“Sounds like a plan.”


I turn around and see Diane standing in the door opening, looking thoughtful. How much has she heard? What is she thinking?

“Oh. Hi, Diana.”

“Hi George, Hi Charles. Where’s Jack?”

Charles says, “Ian has asked him to go look over the new data set the antenna guys are preparing and making sure it’s correct this time. He should be back noonish.”

“I’m glad someone is checking this time. Let me dive in and catch some more bad runs, then.”

We all sit down and start doing stuff.