Cat in George
Dreese Lab, 11:05 AM

“Hi, I’m looking for Diana?”

It’s Mark. Diana looks up, hesitates for a moment and then says, “Mark? Is that you? Mark McCalman?”

“Hi Diana. Guess I looked more like a brat last time.”

For a moment, her eyes light up, then she slumps a bit. “No. It’s not good news, right? You don’t look happy enough for good news. It’s— Is it bad news?”

“No news. Just heard you were here and wanted to talk.”

“Why didn’t you— No. Let’s take a walk and talk.”

She gets up and they walk out, leaving Charles and me looking at each other. He asks, “You figure that’s about whatever last weekend was about?”

Hell, yes! “Guess so.”

He looks at me for a moment, then says, “That’s probably good then. And good on whoever told this Mark guy that Diana was here.”

Yesterday, Jack told George not to become a poker player. Is Charles telling me now? Am I going to be able to poker face George tonight or will he see that I keep thinking about what he said? Better get back to work.

It seems like only a moment before Jack walks in. “Hi guys! New data. I watched it, it’s good. — Where’s Diana?”

Charles looks at me.

I tell Jack, “Out for lunch.”

“Oh, OK. Guess I’ll get to her to fetch the stuff when she gets back.”