Cat in George
Kansas Flying Chicken restaurant

We all get our food and sit down. Stan says, “I still have a bad taste from last week’s movie.”

I tell him, “Nah, No taste. I just have nightmares.”

“Right. So we need an antidote.”

Andre says, “And you were thinking…”

“Something classic.”

Andre grins. “Are you volunteering my DVD collection?”

“The entire collection would take far too long.”

Lena makes a big smirk and says, “If you’re crying from last week’s movie, you should do The Crying Game.”

Stan makes a face. “Not quite what I had in mind.”

That’s OK, I think that was meant for me.

I say, “Something fun and not too serious, right? It’s Friday.”


“Trekkie stuff?”

“Nah… How about Star Wars?”

Lena asks, “Ye Originale?”

“The one and only.”

“Sounds good.” says Andre.

“Hope for New Hope.”

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Change up your apostrophes:
“If you’re crying from last’s weeks movie, you should do The Crying Game.” needs to change to “If you’re crying from last week's movie, you should do The Crying Game.”

Nice call out on the movie, too.
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Oops. Fixed the apostrocalypse.

I enjoyed that movie.