Cat in George
Andre's apartment

As we walk in, Stan asks, “So which version do you have?”

“It says ‘Part IV’ and it has the new effects and you’re going to like both of those things.”

“Aw, man.”

I tell him, “If it bothers you, we can always make Andre wear his undersized Darth Vader suits.”

“Hey! I heard that!”

Lena giggles and says, “Impressive” in a squeaky voice.

I say, “That’s cruel.” and then it hits me how that would feel. Owie!

We all get drinks and settle down to the opening music.

One hundred and twenty minutes later, Lena stretches, leans back into the couch, and says, “Alright. Thesis. Vader is a good guy.” She grins. “Any takers?”

Andre and Stan both go, “What?”

“Simple. Luke does a lot of good stuff, right? In this movie and in the sequels.”


“He is able to do all that stuff because the Force is with him and he was trained by a master, yadda, yadda. But the only reason he actually gets off his ass and does any of it, is because the princess has to be rescued, right? If that hadn’t happened, he would still be there, helping out his uncle one more year and only dreaming of adventures. So, who arranges that the princess has to be rescued?”

Andre says, “Vader. So you’re claiming it’s deliberate? A plan?”

“Rescuing his son from the clutches of the mundane, his Republic from the Emperor and himself from the dark side. Sounds like a bit much of a coincidence to me.”

“That’s absurd!”

The grin gets wider. “Of course it is. But can you prove me wrong?”

The three of us go at it for half an hour at least and she fends us off with a big smile and a sparkle in her eyes.