Cat in George
Dreese Lab

That was only about 15,000 questions. Might it be the day before the midterm? Still, questions is good. They’re still getting better.

…and I’m the last one in today. “Hi guys!”

There’s a chorus of “Hi, George.”

Diana looks at Charles and me. “You two were going to look at that accuracy stuff, right?”

“That’s the plan.”

“OK, can I borrow George for five minutes first?”

“Sure.” Charles walks over and grabs another mug of coffee.

Diana and I walk out into the corridor. She looks at me and says, “Mark told me a lot of stuff yesterday – including some things about you. I’d like to hear the story from you some time, if that’s OK with you.”

“I’d love to. But it’s a weird one.”

“I know. Everything is turning weird. But those Consistorium guys have some pretty convincing proof lying around. It’s— It’s too much to ignore. How can the world be so strange and hardly anybody know?”

“Because they work really hard at hiding the strangeness, I guess. That seems to be the one thing everybody agrees on.”

“Yes, it does. I wonder if that’s the problem. Anyway, what about Sunday morning?”

“Sounds good.”

“Alrighty, then I’m going to return you before Charles gets impatient.”

“Or Jack gets jealous.”

She makes a face. “Is he still on about that?”

“Think so.”

“What part— never mind. Let’s give him some time to cool down first. Then we’ll see.”

We walk back and Charles and I grab chairs and start looking at the accuracy results.

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So Mark revealed the Consistorium to Diana?
Rob's picture
Yes, he did.
Still, questions is good.

I think it should be "questions are good."
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You're right, of course, but this one is deliberate. It's CiG's mental shorthand for something like `the state of them asking questions is good'.