Cat in George
Nosker House

I thought I was going to be late, but I see the black car pull away. A little sprint and I catch up with Mark.

As I catch up, he says, “You’re in a hurry.”

“That’s what I get for running after the facts.”

“So I’m a fact now?”

“I hope you have one. When your counterpart met the original George for the first time, he mentioned recognizing the sigil. Having learned about the thing in some class.”

“If that’s the same sigil you’re carrying, yes.”

“So, would there be a name that goes with this thing?”

He thinks for a moment. “I suppose that’s not a secret or anything. Two names, actually. Keira or Keiran. Not sure what that means. It always sounded kind of woman versus man to me, but for a single person that doesn’t make— Wait. Does it make sense to you?”

“It might. The person who granted the wish was male for George, female for me. But you don’t actually have more information than that?”

“If I did, I don’t know that I’d be allowed to tell you, but as it is, no. Other than ‘Don’t touch with a ten foot pole and call for backup immediately.’, not a thing.”



“Not your fault. But this wish is— We’re getting pushed. And I want to know where.”

“So I thought you were chummy with Aelric?”

“So I want to hear both sides?”

“Gotcha. I’m not going to be much help with that. Sorry.”

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It's not clear that "You're in a hurry" is being said by Mark. I had to rely on context clues to decipher the speaker then go back and reread it.

Yes! It's the double. Cat and George were once one! I was right. *dances the happy dance of awesomesauce*

;) :P
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Added a lead-in text to Mark's line.

Wait&see on the other one. :P