Cat in George
Jones Tower, 8 P.M.

I stare at the phone displaying Lena's number for a moment, then hit ’dial’. Here goes nothing.

“Hi, George.”

“Hi. How did the lame runs go?”

“Pretty well, actually; better than I expected. Sleeping on it not so much. What’s next?”

“George had a suggestion on that.”

“Geo— Right. The original George, who is now Cat in your skin.”

“That one. He told me that when I disappeared, he and Kate were worried that someone might be breaking into rooms. So Kate ended up staying over in his room, watching over him. She discovered that when she touched him as he slept, she could see us.”

“She stayed— And she could— And now you want me to do the same.”

“If it’s awkward, we could try leaving the door open.”

There’s a loud breath on the other side, then she says, “Do you have any idea how awkward it would be if someone saw me watching over you sleeping, touching you? No thanks.”

My heart sinks. “I’m sorry—”

“Hey, if you want to be gallant, we’ll leave the door closed but unlocked.”

“What? I thought you meant you didn’t want to do this at all—”

“What?! No, we are so doing this. I want to see. Tomorrow.”


“One way or the other, I am going to want to talk to you the next morning. And on weekdays you have to teach that math class. So tomorrow is the first good day.”

“Tomorrow. I’m happy now.”

“Not… quite happy yet, but I do like this.”

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Lame runs? I don't recall "lame runs."

Is the "breaking into rooms" an excuse for Kate to be in Cat's room? Because I have no recollection of concern over break-ins.
Would be nice to have a clue as to who CiG is calling. Maybe if I paged back a bit I could figure it out, but right now, I'm clueless.

Maybe something like "I stare at Frank's number on the phone for a moment, then hit ’dial’. Here goes nothing." ... where "Frank" is replaced by the name of the character CiG is calling.
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It did take some effort to decipher that Cat called Lena. The clue is that they are talking about her staying in George's room with the door either open or shut and unlocked (which comes at the bottom of the passage). This harkens back to the discussion Cat and George had about Lena touching the male body while Cat slept so she could see Cat inside.
“Hi. How did the lame runs go?”

last runs?

The one. He told me...

Maybe "That one."

I agree it's unclear whom CiG is calling.


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Lena is now mentioned. The one -> that one.