Cat in George

I wake up and look in the other room where George is still sleeping. Hmmm… Experiment. I get up, quietly go through the barrier hunker down beside the bed and touch her shoulder. “Wakey-wakey.”

She stirs and blinks looks at me. “Right. Trans-barrier wake-up services. Neat.” She turns towards me. “Maybe go to your side first and then talk?”


I get out of the way so she can get out of bed and then we go through the barrier together. It’s getting easier, I’m sure of it now. On my side, I put on the bathrobe and she grabs another dress shirt.

She curls up in the chair and asks, “So?”

Finally! “So Lena took pictures!”

“Wait. Pictures? That works?”

“It sure does. She even filmed me taking you back through the barrier.”

“Oh, wow. What does that look like— apart from bare asses?”

I grin. “I told her I was happy she didn’t film the other transition. But it looks interesting. All kinds of swirls in the barrier while we go through.”

“A disturbance in the Force, huh?”

“Something like that. I wonder if anybody monitors that.”

“No idea. But I guess she’s convinced now?”

“Yes, she is. I think we’re both feeling a lot better. So how did you do in that department?”

“I guess ‘those departments’. I’m sort of stuck at how unfair it is to both of them, but at least I did tell Mark and he took it pretty well. Made a joke about neither of them wanting half of me because it would make a mess on the floor.”

I laugh. “He’s just saying because he’s afraid a certain part of you would be non-functional.”

She laughs and draws a line across her belly. “That depends on how you cut.”

Cutting. Yes. Cutting questions. “Speaking of cutting, Lena had a pretty good question.”


“From the way I told about her about our talk last night, she figured we were still calling each other by our original names and then she asked whether we wanted to stay or return.”

She leans back, eyes widening. “Stay or— I haven’t even thought about that since Thursday and then it was because Diana asked.”

“What did you tell her?”

“That we were acclimating. That I didn’t know whether to be scared or relieved.”

That still doesn’t tell me! “And now?”

She shakes her head. “I want this.”

My heart starts beating again. I lean over and grab her hand. “I do too.”

She puts her other hand on mine. “Are we stupid to use the old names?”

“Not stupid, but maybe it’s time to think about it.”

She nods. “Let’s try it. So I’m Cat and she and you’re George and he?”

I’ve been living like that for two weeks, but it still feels like a huge change. “Yes.”

“So, want some coffee… Cat?”

She smiles. “We need practice, don’t we? Yes, George. I could use a cup.”

I get the coffee started and tell her, “Lena was OK with the experiment of me staying on your side. She’s got my key and will look in on the room tomorrow morning.”

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"Trans-barrier wake-up services." Trans-barrier, transgender, transmutation, transportation, translation, etc, etc, etc.

So, they are changing their names. I see you have stuck with CiG and GiC for this chapter. Will that change in the next chapter? As readers, are we going to change with them as if they had come out to real people. "Mom, Dad, I'm Harry." "But you're Alice, that's what we named you." I'm a boy, Mom. I want to be called Harry." So, now it's just Cat and George, with their history of the opposite world? But no more CiG and GiC? (Since they want to stay?)