Cat in George

So it’s the alarm that wakes me today. Never thought I’d smile happily at a blaring alarm clock, but I am. Turn it off and take care of the other attention-getter.

I get back in bed for my snooze. So, Kate is staying over as guard. How long is it going to be before those two admit there’s something going on between them? I’m starting to think that if Mark wants to try again, he had better move quickly.

Speaking of getting ahead, being able to see both sides changes the game. We become less dependent on each other and more able to coordinate. I like that.

And speaking of liking, I’m liking this snooze. Not so restless as Sunday and Monday. Is that the difference of Monday night? Could I feel it coming that way?

‘Feel it coming’. Sheesh.

Right. But it would make George’s suggestion practical. But I—

The alarm goes off again. Time to stop thinking about that and get out of bed.

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Interesting. Most stories that go over gender swapping hit the smex part early and hard. I like how this isn't a fetish story and instead an exploration.