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The alarm goes off and I hit it. So, did we convince Lena? I really want those two to go forward. And I’m sure Lena will come up with some stuff we hadn’t thought off yet. Who knows?

And I will have my very own visitor soon. Best get out off bed.

As I’m rinsing the shampoo out of my hair, I’m thinking of Cat. ‘Search my feelings.’ I guess she’s right, but how long will that take? Can I even— Calm down. Only one way to find out. Yeah. But it hurts.

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Hmmm. What hurts. Without rereading the past chapters I can't recall if this was foreshadowed. I know the self love session didn't work out, so is the hurting the love triangle? Those do hurt.
Minor correction: Best get out off bed. --> Best get out of bed.

I had the same difficulty with respect to "that hurts" - wasn't sure what it was referring to. Maybe it will be made clear later.

and maybe, it would be clear if I went back and re-read, but not sure how far I would have to go back
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I think it's the decision between Kate and Mark. It gets spelled out a little clearer in a later section.