George  in Cat
Ohio Union

I walk into the Union and look around. They’re over in a corner. Ron spots me and waves. I reach the table to a chorus of “Hi Cat”.

“Hi guys. Hi Mark.”

“Hi Cat. We’re looking for another Klingon right now.”

“As long as I don’t have to eat stuff that still moves, I’m in.”

Ron grins. “It could be worse.”


“It could be stuff that’s moving again.”

“Eww. OK, none of that either.”

Mark points at Andy and Ryan. “They think they can deal with an ambush in an asteroid field by this,” he points at the Klingon war cruiser squadron on our side of the table, “with that”, and points at the two Federation heavy cruisers on Andy and Ryan’s side.

“That can’t be right.”

“Apparently it’s some published scenario. I’m sure there’s a twist.”

“That has to be some twist. Cool. This, I gotta see.”

We set up and the game starts really tame as the scenario rules put many constraints on the Federation ships, to simulate that the ambush should be a surprise. Towards the end of the turn, we have our position and open fire and start circling for the next shot, knowing that the Federation ships can only now start to arm weapons.

At the very end of the turn, Ryan says, “I have a few announcements to make.”

Alright, here comes the twist.

He continues, “You know, camouflage panels coming off, shields and engines going to their full power, that sort of thing.” He turns over a piece of paper that shows a Federation advanced tech cruiser. “This is what I’m really flying.”

Mark and Ron and I look at each other. “Strategy talk?”, says Mark.

We both nod and move over a few tables to be out of earshot of Ryan and Andy.

Mark says, “I’ve never done much with the advanced ships. Either of you know that boat?”

Ron shakes his head, so I tell them, “I do. It’s a monster. I mean beyond it’s official strength. I have used that thing to bully fully kitted dreadnoughts.”

“Why is that?”

“Lots of little things, but those fast firing photon torpedoes are death on wheels and it’s got the power to use them.”

Ron nods and goes, “Hmmm”

“You’re thinking asteroids, right?”

“Right. Photons do not like degraded fire control.”

Mark grins. “Hide and seek. I like that.”

We settle into a pattern of using the asteroids to deflect the Federation weapons and sneaking in attacks. I do shadow bookkeeping on the Federation ships and try to poke holes into Mark and Ron’s ideas before we fly them. Gradually we damage their regular cruiser and make it a liability and then things speed up. They see our final assault coming and limp off the board before we can strike.

Andy says, “I’m hungry. How about we grab some food and then discuss what happened?”