George in Cat

He says, “And then she asked if I was a scientist.”

“And you cuddled.”

He smiles. “We did.”

“Diana has something to answer for with that scientific experiment of hers. We should get her chocolate or something. Mark and I ended up kissing and he called it science without Diana.”

He looks at me. “Ended up?”

“After the cut in half remark. I sort of punched him and he caught my hand and—”

“It sort of happened?”

“Yeah. And then he make the Diana joke and I had to laugh and I think he felt my breasts move against his hand and then he got apologetic.”

Cat— I mean, George, nods, opens his mouth and then suddenly looks around him. “The barrier! It just moved around me!”

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George/Cat has accepted. It's not the same thing as pleasuring her body but they said they wanted what they had and then started describing Mark. It'll be interesting to see if the barrier motion is related to the acceptance or if it's to another plot piece.