George in Cat

‘Wakey, wakey’, says the alarm. Alright. I hope the call with Lena works out. I really want one of us not messing this up. No idea how she’s going to take it, though. Hope she takes him up on it. I could get used to Kate being here in the mornings, myself.

Or Mark.

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Mark? Why would Cat want Mark around? She barely met him the other day and there weren't any indications of an interest in that sense.

...What if Cat and George were one person, split into two, and set back into a world split asunder? The Consistorium is there to maintain a consistency in the split, which they are doing by working to merge Cat and George back into one person.

Yep, just figured it out. I'm a genius. :P

Or not. I just realized this is a George section, not a Cat one. *facepalm*
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*bookmarks comment*