George in Cat
Dreese Lab

I’m still going over the mood of the class and what I will need to focus on for the extra session tonight when I walk into the lab.

“Hi Cat!”

“Hi Charles. You’re looking cheerful?”

“I finally got around to looking at that accuracy stuff you gave me. I’m setting up the software now and with the way you have it written up, it’s a lot easier than I expected. Thanks!”

How nerdy would it be if I’m discovered because of my style in math?

“That works for you? Good. I was experimenting a little, glad it came out useful.”

“It sure did.”

“Hi Cat, hi Charles. Useful? The accuracy stuff looks good?”

It’s Diana. She’s looking better today. Charles turns around and says, “It sure does. Cat’s made my life very easy.”


Oh sheesh. It’s not like I saved the country. “Hey, you want to start running again?”

“Yeah, I should. Same time, same place?”

“Yes…” Fifteen minutes later and I could make us run into Mark. “…Could we start 15 minutes later today?”


Let’s see if I can get the two of you to talk.