George in Cat
In the car

“So,” says Kate, “Where do we want to eat?”

Nick looks over his shoulder at Nicole. “You’re still on that diet, right?”

She rolls her eyes and looks at me. “Translation: Will I be the excuse to go to the steak place again?”

I put a finger on my lip and pretend to think. “Hm. Nice salad bar, good meat, no need to make decisions about where to eat… You’re right, that would be horrible.”

Kate says, “So we’d be an unholy alliance of meat eaters and salad people?”

Nicole sticks out her tongue. “Cow munchers.”

Nicks counters, “Leaf gnawers.”

I say, “I like that. The Most Frivolous Order of Cow Munchers and Leaf Gnawers, Her Gobbliness Kate presiding.”

Nick says, “Now I feel left out.”

Nicole answers, “It’s all about food to mass ratio.”

“Yeah, she wins that one.”

I tell him, “You could be the Justifier of Desserts.”

“I like that one!”

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I tell him, “You could be the Justifier of Deserts.”

So Nick will drink everyone's water and leave them parched?
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Well, obvious until I added the missing 's', I guess.
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Nick and Nicole? Did I ask about why the similar names before? Are they twins?

What is a Gobblines?
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No, you didn't. There is a background story there, which I want to insert when I get around to an overall revision.

As for Her Gobbliness (notice I sneakily corrected a spelling error behind your back), that's a title formed from to gobble
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I thought Gobblines was a goblin title or something to do with goblins or Gobb-lines, whatever those are. Seeing gobble as the root helps.