George in Cat
Dreese Lab, 9 PM

After we’re done with the extra session, I shepherd the students out of the building. Extra sessions are always a mix of fear and hope. Quite a few of these guys seem OK, though. I feel my own hope rise for a class where everyone passes. Not likely, the statistics mutter coldly. That’s OK; we’ll try anyway.

Dell hangs back a little. “Can I ask you a question?”

Can I ask you 200? “Sure.”

“You can see us now, can’t you?”

Guess I stared too much. “Yes, I can.”

She smiles. “Great! I hate that cloak-and-dagger stuff. Now we can just talk.”

“So why were you cloak and daggering?”

“You made contact with the Consistorium. So we wanted to keep an eye on what happened. And some people like to keep eye quietly, but now I can just claim you discovered me fair and square.”

I have to smile at that. “So now you’re going to lure me to you lair?”

“I what? Oh. Right. Being deceptive. Sure, I’ll lure you. There’s a bunch of us that hang out around Mirror Lake on Sunday mornings. Want to come? We’d love to hear your story.”

“I— I’d like that. A lot.”

She claps her hands, twice. “Yes! Remember, everybody who shows up after 10 is a sleepyhead.”


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Is Dell dating the other section guy just a ruse for getting placed in Cat/George's section? Would they be a couple if Dell weren't trying to "be sneaky?"