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Hmmm… There’s four people I’m nearly sure will flunk because they will panic. Another three who might. The rest I think will be OK. If only there were some magic that would let you turn the panic off. Even just one midterm might already be enough to break the cycle of panic because you failed, fail because you panicked. Would this Aelric person know anything about that?

Except no one would believe you if you asked and messing with people’s minds without permission… No.

“Hi Cat”

“Oh, hi Diana. Sorry. Thinking about my students and them passing the midterm.”

“Tomorrow, right?”

“Yes. They’re getting nervous.”

I start making coffee and Jack walks in. “Hi Cat, easy on the coffee, Charles isn’t going to be here until lunch time.”

“Hi, Jack. He’s doing exciting things?”

“He said he was finally going to do that literature search.”

Diana smiles and says, “Musty tome morning.”

“I’ve heard of this new thing…”

“Yeah, yeah. Inter netting, or something. Catch the quote but keep the must off of your robes.” She sticks out her tongue. “Spoilsport.”

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When is this story set? It sounds like it is set before the Net and Google grew to own the world.
No, I think this is contemporary. Charles is using this old-fashioned thing called "books," if you've ever heard of those. This "archaic approach" sets off banter in the ranks, with the supporting voice (Diana?) making a somewhat snide comment about "inter-netting" as a whimsical acknowledgment of the 21st century.

Close enough for government work, Rob?


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The government is eminently pleased with your fine summary. ;)