Diana’s apartment

I knock on the door of Diana’s apartment and remember Monday when I couldn’t do that, because we weren’t friends here. Maybe I can win that friendship back.

“Hi Diana!”

“Hi George! Come on in.”

We go inside and she closes the door.

“So, err, what should I call you?”

I have to smile. “You have perfect timing. Just last night we decided to swap names. So I’m George now.”

I like saying that!

“Swapped names? Does that mean that you’re staying?”

“That’s what we want, anyway.”

“Wow. I can’t imagine… So, how does this happen?”

“Saturday before last, both of us were at the Lane Avenue mall. I had gone there to get some clothes and Cat, who was George back then, had run there, just to see if she, well, he at that time, could.

“Anyhow, we’re each at our version of the mall and we see this person who is about to step straight into the traffic—”

Diana exclaims, “And you stopped him and he told you to make a wish!”

“What?! How did you— Did you run into him too?”

“That morning. ‘Make a wish’, he said. It seemed so cruel. There is only one wish and it is impossible. I just looked at him and…”

I hug her and hold her for a bit, until I feel her relax. “Anyway,” says her voice near my ear, “He told me to say it out loud. I was crying then as well, but I’m not sure he cared. That made me angry and I told him, ‘I want Pam back!’ He nodded and said, ‘Granted. I will add whole and hale to your specification out of my own free will. Do not worry, girl. It will happen.”

Sheesh. I hug her again. “And then he gave you a scroll case?”

She moves back so she can look at me. “Then he gave me a what?”

I fiddle with my sigil to produce the scroll case. “One of these?”

“Huh? Where did that come from? Anyway, no, he didn’t. I’ve never seen such a thing before. He didn’t give me anything. Except that promise, I guess.”

So that is why I couldn’t see a sigil. She doesn’t have one. The sigil was to protect us. She is walking around without anything. Which will hide her from the Consistorium and probably most of the non-humans. Stealth instead of shielding. She wasn’t going to be contacting anybody. It might work. Except now she’s getting attention. Sooner or later they are going to catch on.

“What are you thinking about?”

“This was intended as protection. It seems this wishing person is someone pretty strong, and the sigil says not to harm us or he will came after you. I thought that you are left awfully exposed, but then I realized that you weren’t going to be making waves and these sigils are pretty visible – that’s the whole idea.”

“So I was hidden. But now I’m out, visible.”

“I think Aelric might be the only one who can see the wish itself. So you’re probably still pretty safe. But yes, they are going to figure it out sooner or later.”

“So something has to happen soon.”

“I think so.”

“I— I don’t want to think about this right now.”

She gets up and gets some tissues.

“Tell me about your wish.”

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Hyperlinks back to when reveals happened would be helpful. I recall the reveal to the Diana in...
What should the original Cat's world be called? Would that be Rob1? And George's original world Rob? Anyway, when GiC revealed to Diana and we had the experiment with Mark, that's what I recall. A hyperlink to the exact point of reveal of CiG (now just George) would be nice.

"I thought that you are left awfully exposed" - see, here it would be nice to have a hyperlink back to the point where George learns of Diana's vulnerability.

How is Diana visible, vulnerable? How will others (Consistorium) find out about Kate's wish? George has already told Mark that he knows about his missing sister. It seems the Consistorium (or at least one member of it) would be an ally for Diana.
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Diana is vulnerable in th sense that she is not protected and might be of interest to someone with sufficiently good Sight to see the wish. As Cat realizes, that's less of a threat then it might appear on a first reaction of "OMG, we have a sigil and she doesn't!"

The hyperlink would be to this very page. George discovers that Diana has made a wish and learns she doesn't have a sigil. Actually, he isn't quite thinking straight; he can see she doesn't have one.

We're told Diana knows about the swap here (this world) and here (the other one; this is also where the experiment is).