This story is a Misfile fan fiction. All characters, places and events from the Misfile comic are intellectual property of Chris Hazelton.

The drabble in Some years later is by louisxiv of Napalm Luck.

The series Ash and Emily watch on DVD is the anime Noir.

About the text

As a famous author said, “The tale grew in the telling”. Originally, there was an idea for a short story. That is now the chapter Release. It was posted on Napalm Luck under the name Report concerning the recent unfortunate deaths and it was an entire thing. I was done, or so I thought.

A Napalm Luck member called blaknic insisted that I tell how the situation described came about. I did; that is what has now become the chapter From the Dawn of Hell. The events in there occur before Release and are narrated backwards in time, until finally, deep in the past, the cause of what troubles Raphael is shown. Together, they did again make an entire thing, but I wasn’t done. From the Dawn of Hell shows how Release is the archangel Raphael’s last, desperate gamble to ward off catastrophe. By his own standards, he wins. Very well, what is the prize? How does his sacrifice change things? What has been achieved?

This means we now have to move forward again from the end of Release and show the consequences. Within the context of Misfile, there is only one way to do that; with the main characters.

That was what became Choice. The story changes character at this point. We get a different set of viewpoint characters and from the somewhat distant fights and maneuvers of angels, we switch to the very personal.

At the end of Choice the Filing System has been taken out; Ash and Emily’s situation has been cleansed of all the horrible double-thinking of what things would mean in the event of a Refile. That wanted to be shown and at the suggestion of several people, I wrote how Ash would take Emily to the prom. That’s the chapter Dance.

And still there was something that wanted to be said. When that idea finally surfaced, I had the plot for what would become Race and Daughter (originally titled Release).

When all that was done, I had a manuscript in the order described above and with a title that no longer matched the bulk of the story. So the final step was to re-order the story into the form you see now.

What makes writing on a forum so enjoyable is the feedback. From spelling corrections via plot suggestions to feedback on what does and doesn’t work. From brainstorms on titles and ways out of dilemmas to “When is the next part going up?”. I have really, really enjoyed that. Special thanks there go to Don and louisxiv, with additional significant help from Fairportfan and maddog, and occasional excellent suggestions from t092513 and GR138Legend; the latter has also contributed a magnificent fine-toothed comb set of textual corrections.